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“Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see”




Hello! I am Alice, I am originally from Italy and currently based in London. I am a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist and registered member of the AFSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) and NBFMP (The National Board for Modern Psychotherapy). 

I strongly believe in the power of the mind and that, with a bit of guidance, everyone can reach their full potential, overcome fears and limitations that sometimes we impose on ourselves.  


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe and engaging process that can have many beneficial effects, it focuses on the present and in the positive vision of the future. Hypnosis is a safe guided relaxation that encourages healing and personal development through positive association. It is a naturally occurring state that we all experience at various times and in various depths throughout the day, it is also referred to as trance. Many people describe hypnosis as feeling similar to daydreaming, when they are neither fully alert, nor asleep. It can be associated to a pleasant feeling of deep and pleasant relaxation.


During the initial consultation, we will discuss a bit about your background and your desired outcome and how you’d like your life to be different at the end of your therapy.  I will explain how the brain works, how certain automatic reactions are created. I will also provide a relaxation audio to listen to that will introduce you to hypnotherapy. 

The subsequent sessions will involve an initial discussion on setting goals and trance work where you will safely relax and focus on yourself. 

The sessions will last about 50-55 minutes with exception of the 'Stop Smoking' session which is a single 2 hour long session.

Sessions available in English and Italian.



Make the first step towards a happier life and get in touch by email or by filling the online form. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Face face sessions in Hornchurch 


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94 North Street, Hornchurch, RM11 1S

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